Rand McNally not Recognizing Device

Rand McNally not Recognizing Device While Loading Dock Software

There are many devices offered by Rand McNally. These devices have their unique features. It also allows the users to visit places that he/ she wants to visit or might think off. In the market, many other companies offer GPS devices in a budget but speed and accuracy of the Rand McNally GPS make it stand out in the industry. If any person is using the Rand McNally GPS on a regular basis then it is mandatory to update the Rand McNally GPS. For this, a person has to connect the device with a laptop or computer.Rand McNally not Recognizing Device

Many maps in the market are offered by Rand McNally and a person has to select which map from the list would help him/ her in exploring the country of his/ her choice. He/ she must also register in Rand McNally Dock while being a new user. To get the process for Maps update including Dock registration, he/ she must visit our website.

Sometimes, users face the problem, “Rand McNally not Recognizing Device”, in a device and it creates difficulties in the process of a device as well as maps update. Behind such conditions, there are many reasons and it is important for the user to eradicate this issue in order to continue with their work related to the Rand McNally device.

If the computer fails to recognize a device when connected to the computer, or it shows an error message such as “USB device not recognized” then Unplug the device from the computer, and plug it back in. It means if there is an error of“Rand McNally not Recognizing Device while Loading Dock Software”, then possibly there is a problem with connectivity of rand McNally Device. Steps to connect rand McNally Device are mentioned below:

  • First ensure that cable provided with the device is in a good condition and also, it is working properly. The USB cable has four wires; Two for power & two for data. In any condition, if one of the data wires is broken (or get loose) then the device will charge but not connect to the computer or a laptop.  There are USB cables that deliberately only have the power connections to allow charging with no data connection.
  • Next, get connected to the computer properly. If the cable is not in a good condition then unplug the device & plug it back in and ensuring that the device is getting connected properly.
  • Now, go to the Start Menu.
  • Click on the Computer icon/ option. After clicking on the computer icon, notice that there are 2 different drives list is open on your computer. If you are not seen the computer icon/ option the must look at the right panel of the computer’s display where other external hard drives connected are shown.
  • Now, if other devices are connected, available in that segment. If not then check all ports of the computer. In any condition, the device is connected to a laptop or the computer then click on Yes option that will be available on the screen prompted while Rand McNally connects to the computer.
  • Operate and check, Rand McNally Recognizing Devicewhile Loading Dock Software.

Dial Rand McNally Customer Support for Assistance:

Get in touch with experts at MyGeolocate +1(855) 386-1126  who will assist you with the most suitable solutions whenever need. They will assist you to step by step solutions so that you may not face any issue in the future also.

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